Getting to the root of Connection

“Connection is the one thing that gives people meaning,”, says New York Times best selling author Brene Brown, “It’s the one thing everyone is driven by.”

But what if you don’t feel connected. What if you are uncomfortable letting people really get to know you. Shining a light on this might just set you free.

Shame is the answer. Shame keeps people disconnected because shame says there is something wrong with me and if someone gets to know me too well they might uncover it. If they uncover all that is wrong with me I will be unworthy of a relationship with them. It looks at the things culture values and says I am not that and i fear you’ll figure it out if you get to know me too well. It keeps us alone and imprisoned.

Dr. Brown found that those who walk out of shame have one thing in common. Vulnerability! Vulnerability breaks the power of shame. Vulnerability says I love you before you say you love me.

You are able to be vulnerable when you understand and feel a deep sense of love for yourself. A deep sense that you ARE worthy.

Dr. Brown also discovered that those who were vulnerable were also courageous. The latin word for cour means heart. Being courageous with others is telling the story of who you are with your whole heart.

The last quality those who came out of shame shared was authentic. Being able to let go of who you should be for who you really are.

God created us all exactly how he wanted us to be. We are not created perfect, but flawed intentionally. It is in our brokenness that we need God most. This is when we seek him.

When we understand God’s story and how much he loves us, we are free to love ourselves the same way. In this freedom, we become courageous, vulnerable and authentic.

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